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UNIDOS exists to empower the community to break the cycle of domestic violence, end sexual assault, and promote healthy family systems.

Our Story

UNIDOS was formed in 1996 by a group of community volunteers committed to helping Latino survivors of domestic violence access local resources and services.

Early research in the 90's indicated that, although domestic violence (DV) was a serious problem within the Latino migrant and immigrant community in Wisconsin, particularly in rural settings, local service providers did not have the culturally relevant and bilingual resources needed to work with Latino victims.


Out of this realization, the need for UNIDOS services and programs grew and the organization became an official 501c3 non-profit in 2001. 

Today, UNIDOS is one of the most important statewide service providers for the Latino community on matters that pertain to domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. All programs and services, including a 24/7 bilingual helpline, are confidential and free.


UNIDOS staff also engage in advocacy work and education to help the broader community better understand the unique cultural needs of Latinos and immigrants. 

Our Values

Social Justice 

Respect human dignity and promote social equity.

Provide safe venues to dismantle myths about domestic and sexual violence.

Support victims/survivors to seek community-driven solutions to end violence.

Build a strong coalition of victims, survivors and allies.

Our Leadership

Virginia Gittens Escudero

 Executive Director

Board of Directors

Will Hutter - Interim Board President
Cecilia Goldschmidt - Vice-President
Gabriella Gaus Hinojosa -Secretary
Tom Ward- Treasurer

Nela Kalpic

Nicole Sandoval

Sara Santana

Interested in joining our board of directors?

Please complete the interest form or send your inquiries to

Our Partners

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